Since Emall Philippines is an online based business, those items posted by our partner stores are also obliged to monitor the products being sold and any other content on as set forth by the parties and is defined by applicable law. However, it will be upon the discretion of Emall to choose to monitor any products or other content which is determined by Emall’s policies or any applicable law.

Violation of Emall’s Policies

As a customer, you have the right to check if any content available on the Site is contrary to the policies of Emall Philippines, please notify Emall Philippines at the email address provided. To submit a report, please ensure to include the following details:
Full Name, Email Address, Contact Number(s) and Address
What is the objection (include a screenshot for faster evaluation)?
Reason of the objection

Violation on Intellectual Property

We at Emall Philippines, respects the Intellectual Rights of all entities. If you believe that we have violated any Property Rights, please do send us a Notice of Violation via email at Any incomplete details may not be considered. Please refer to the bullets below that needs to be included on your message:

  • Full Name, Contact Number, Email Address and Present Address.
  • Violation made by Emall Philippines and or its affiliates (Include a screenshot).

Emall Philippines’ Process

Emall Philippines would like to ensure you that we at all times give priorities to any objection given to us by our audience. Once we have received a report, we will:

  1. Evaluate the content of the Objection/Notice or Report.
  2. Ask for further details by reaching out with you through your preferred means of communication/
  3. Take an action if the report is proven true.
    Note: When sending us any Violation Messages,
    – Declare that all statements made are true.
    – Agree and is fully informed that you acknowledge and agree that we may share your notices to others for any legal needs that we may be needing.
    – You agree to indemnify Emall Philippines and its partner companies against all claims.